Friday, June 05, 2015

A little more about the WP-3D Hurricane Hunter mission (3 of 6)

A little more about the WP-3D Hurricane Hunter mission through videos and pictures

About the WP-3D Orion Hurricane Hunter from the City of Tampa

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Flying into Hurricane Irene with ABC Action News (Tampa FL)

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Two videos: flying through Katrina eyewall

In this video, from the Weather Channel, you will here a C130-J Hurricane Hunter pilot from the US Air Force 53rd Weather Squadron talk about flying into the eye of a hurricane, in this case Katrina. I am including it here because I like the discussion of some of the issues facing pilots of any Hurricane Hunter as the fly into the eye of a hurricane.

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Short video showing the flight of one of NOAA's WP-3D's into Katrina’s eyewall.

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Jim of Extreme Storms flies into Ophelia (2005) on NOAA’s WP-3D Hurricane Hunter “Miss Piggy”. He writes of his experience on this flight with pictures.

Other articles in this series:
Part 1 (June 1): Hurricane Hunters: Introduction
Part 2 (June 3): From NOAA about the WP-3D, dropsondes, and the G-IV
Part 4 (June 8): more pictures and videos of NOAA’s Hurricane Hunters
Part 5 (June 10): A small taste of how the NHC uses Hurricane Hunter aircraft data
Part 6 (June 12): NOAA's WP-3Ds undergoing major overhaul

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