Monday, June 08, 2015

More pictures and videos of NOAA's hurricane hunters (4 of 6)

More videos of NOAA’s Hurricane Hunters in Action. Articles on ll the Hurricanes referenced in these videos may be found on on the NHC page on notable Hurricanes in History. the National Hurricane Center maintains an extensive archive of hurricane data, advisories, tracks, maps, etc that you may access from the NHC Data Archives.

Flying into Hurricane Gilbert (1988) Wikipedia on Hurricane Gilbert

direct link to video

Hurricane Rita (2005) Wikipedia on Hurricane Rita

direct link to video

Hurricane Wilma (2005) Wikipedia on Hurricane Wilma

direct link to video

Other articles in this series:
Part 1 (June 1): Hurricane Hunters: Introduction
Part 2 (June 3): From NOAA about the WP-3D, dropsondes, and the G-IV
Part 3 (June 5): A little more about the WP-3D Hurricane Hunter mission
Part 5 (June 10): A small taste of how the NHC uses Hurricane Hunter aircraft data
Part 6 (June 12): NOAA's WP-3Ds undergoing major overhaul

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