Friday, March 31, 2017

A brief look at how recent wildfires in OK, KS, & TX affected ranchers

Those of you who have looked at my March 29th blog post have met Molly Green, Office Manager of the Laverne OK office of Tyree Ag.

Specifically, I shared a video from the Oklahoma Forestry Services where Molly was discussing the relief efforts that are still underway for the ranchers affected by the devastating Northwest Oklahoma Complex that burned over 779,000 acres.

I was interested in what Molly had to say on the video, and it did not take me long to find the webpage for Tyree Ag, so I called her. We had a nice conversation, I appreciated the time she took to talk with me. We talked some more about the hay drop off for ranchers. I learned from her that many ranchers lost miles of fencing and that fencing is very expensive to replace. More importantly, she told me how much the ranchers loved their animals. I can relate to that.

We then spoke of the loss of so many head of cattle. I told her that I had seen some pictures from newspaper articles. By this time, I had told her about my blog, that I had posted  a few articles about the wildfires that affected Northwest Oklahoma. We talked some more, and she told me about a nine-minute video that I am sharing with you below. She thought that this video, by Arable Media and Agri-Pulse Communications  would be a good way to share with you about how the wildfires have affected the ranching community in OK, KS, and TX. The video has some graphic images of dead cattle that some might find hard to watch. We talked about the graphic images in the video, she told me that dead cattle (and other livestock) is their reality. It was hard for me to watch portions of the video. But I am glad that I watched the video without forwarding through graphic images. I needed to see that. 

I'd like to finish off with saying that in watching the video, I am struck by the residency of the ranching community and how they take care of each other. My thoughts and prayers are with all those who had losses because of these wildfires.

Direct Link to video on Facebook

I thought it important to share this video with you today. I hope to finish my three part series with updates of the Northwest Oklahoma Complex on Monday, April 3rd.

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