Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Florida Wildfires - March 22nd update

I wrote about the Lee Williams Road Fire on March 9th, according to today's (March 22, 2017) Morning Report from the Southern Area Coordination Center (SACC), the Lee Williams Road Fire is at 95 percent containment. Note the morning report is updated daily during wildfire season so what you see will likely be different. If my understanding of the SACC Morning Reports is correct, the current days Morning Report, in this case March 22nd, contains updated fire information for no later than the day before, in this case March 21st.

While I was on the SACC page this morning I noticed a Fuels and Fire Weather Advisory for South Florida released on March 10th. Drought conditions are leading to extreme fire concerns. See also this article from the Miami Herald, wildfire season could be hot and damaging, that a friend of mine sent me around the same time that also references wildfires that were then burning.

Obtained on March 22, 2017 from
I was wondering about the current wildfire situation in Florida, and found some information on today's (March 22nd) Morning Report from the SACC (Fire size information for March 21st). I begin with three wildfires because these three fires (and the Lee Williams Road Fire are mapped on some screen shots from today's GeoMac Wildland Fire Support Map Viewer (see below)
  • Red Fox Fire, started on March 18th, burned 2,530 acres, 15 percent containment
  • Parliament Fire, started on March 18th, burned 6,027 acres, no containment 15,389 acres with 20 percent containment. I wrote a later post with current acreage burned here. The latest update on the Parliament from the Big Cypress NPS (posted on the Big Cypress NPS Facebook Page about 10 PM on March 22nd has acreage burned of 15,389 acres with 20 percent containment
  • Sonny's Fire, started on March 19th, burned 500 acres, 20 percent containment.
There were two other Florida Wildfires of 500 acres or more that I saw on this mornings Morning Report from the SACC (neither were mapped on Geomac but were mapped on the SACC map
  • SR100 County Line Fire (Putnam County, west of Palm Coast), started on March 18th, burned 993, 75 percent containment
  • Afternoon Fire (Miami Dade County, south of Homestead, near the border of the Everglades National Park), started on March 20th, burned 610 acres, 100 percent containment
I got two screen shots from Geomac for you, one for North Florida and the other for South Florida.

Obtained on March 22, 2017 from

Obtained on March 22, 2017 from

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