Monday, March 27, 2017

NW Oklahoma Complex Update (March 27th) 1 of 3

I last wrote about the NW Oklahoma Complex Wildfires on March 17th, at that time the complex was at 85 percent containment. As some of you may already know, the complex that burned a total of 779,292 acres is at 100 percent containment according to the Northwest Oklahoma Complex page on Inciweb (last updated on March 26, 2017). I'm not quite sure when the fire was contained, but I think that it was contained on or about March 22, 2017. The last update on the NW OK Complex that I found is dated March 21st and may be found on this Inciweb page, where they report in part about the Complex wildfires:
The four large wildfires make up the Northwest Oklahoma Complex, which includes the Starbuck (Kansas and Oklahoma), 283, Selman, and Beaver fires. There have been two confirmed civilian fatalities to date, one in Oklahoma and one in Kansas. Local, county and state firefighters joined forces to stop the fires. Vast acreage of rangeland was destroyed, killing thousands of livestock, and destroying at least eight Oklahoma homes. Kansas officials confirmed the loss of 34 homes. In Clark County, Kansas, six additional homes were damaged, 108 outbuildings were lost with an additional 13 damaged.
Acreage burned for the four large fires that make up the Northwest Oklahoma Complex according to the March 21st update on the Northwest Complex:

  • Starbuck Fire (Kansas and Oklahoma) - 662,700 acres with about 71 percent or about 472,000 acres of this wildfire being in Kansas.
  • Beaver Fire - 2.962 acres
  • Selman Fire - 44,234 acres
  • 283 Fire - 69,396 acres
Here is the latest map, courtesy of Inciweb, that I found on this Inciweb page dated March 21st.

Obtained on March 27, 2017 from
On March 21st the Southern Area Red Team turned management of the Northwest Oklahoma Complex of Wildfires to the Oklahoma Forestry Services. See the Facebook that I embedded below (that may be found here)

I will continue with part two of this update on the NW OK Complex either on March 29th. I finish with part three of this update on April 3rd.

On March 31st, I took a short break from this series to share a related video from Arable Media and Agri-Pulse Communication on how ranchers in Kansas, Oklahoma, and Texas have been impacted by the devastating wildfires (the NW OK Complex and other wildfires). 

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