Friday, March 24, 2017

Prescribed burns resume in portions of New Jersey

We still have remnants of last week's snow fall on the ground here in northern New Jersey, at least in my corner of northwestern New Jersey. Perhaps more north of me. While I don't know for sure, I think that the the ground may still be too wet for prescribed burns.

Not so in central and southern New Jersey, where prescribed burns resumed earlier this week. I believe that prescribed burning season in New Jersey normally ends sometime in the middle of March. According to my friends at the B10 NJ Wildland Fire Page, prescribed burning season has been extended to April 1st in New Jersey Forest Fire Service (NJFFS) Division B. I don't know for sure about NJ FFS Divisions A and C, but I wonder if prescribed burning season is extended to in those Divisions as well. A map and a listing of the counties in each of the three NJFFS Divisions may be found here (scroll down to the middle of the page.

Back to the prescribed burns conducted this week, these are the prescribed burns that I know about and is not necessarily an all inclusive list. I suspect that there are or were other prescribed burns that I do not know about.

According to the  prescribed burns are being conducted today (March 24th) in the following counties (Ocean, Atlantic, Monmouth), the New Jersey Forest Fire Service posts about where prescribed are happening on their Facebook page The NJFFS posted about today's prescribed burns in theirMarch 24th Facebook post which I have embedded below:

According to the New Jersey Forest Fire Service Face Book Page (March 21st, March 23rd) prescribed burns were conducted in Burlington County earlier this week.

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