Friday, September 04, 2015

Thank-you tankers and helos working western wildfires

I have been been recently reflecting on the very important role of air tankers (multi-engine and SEATs), helicopters, and lead planes in flying the western wildfires in support of the wildland firefighters on the ground. Thanks to my friends at the B10 NJ Wildland Fire Page's Fire Videos of the Week I found two nice videos to share with you today. Both videos are under two minutes. These videos provide a very brief glimpse into all the great work that the air crews are doing out west. As you look at these videos, please consider that are a number of aircraft working these fires, and thier pilots and support crews are doing a great job. Stay safe and thanks for all you are doing to keep us safe.

In the first video you will see one of Erickson's tankers (not sure which one) and one of Neptunes Tankers (I believe it is a BAe-146, T-40) and a lead plane working the Cove Palisades Fire in Oregon on August 29, 2015.

direct link to video

The second video is shot by a helmet Go-Pro Camera from a Washington National Guard Blackhawk Helicopter with a 660 gallon bambi bucket. The Blackhawk was wokring the First Creek Fire near Chelan Washington.

direct link to video

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