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Woodmansie Wildfire - Woodland Twshp NJ

September 8, 2015, 10:05 PM EDT

Good news! The B10 NJ Wildland Fire Page reported at 7:20 PM that the Woodmansie Fire has been 100 percent contained at 1,012 acres. They go on to say that crews continue to strengthen and monitor lines."

September 8, 2015, 6:50 PM EDT

In an update posted today at 5 PM, the B10 NJ Wildland Fire Page is reporting that the Woodmansie fire is at 65 percent containment. The fire has burned about 1,000 acres in Ocean and Burlington Counties (NJ).

Media reports:
6ABC Philadelphia with video (September 8th at 6:30 PM)
Asbury Park Press (September 8th at 12:26 PM)

Note: I have made edits and hopefully deleted duplicate information from the updates below. The B10 NJ Wildland Fire Page has updated their information on the Woodmansie fire a few times since they first reported the fire early yesterday afternoon. If you want to start reading from my earliest updates, scroll down to the bottom of the page and work your way up.

September 8, 2015, 11 AM EDT

Correction on location of Woodmansie Wildfire. After reading more reports (media and otherwise), the location of the Woodmansie Wildfire is on the border of Ocean and Burlington Counties in New Jersey. The fire, that started yesterday afternoon, has burned about 1,000 acres (maybe less) and is at 50 percent containment as I write this.  It is expected that the fire will be contained at under 1,000 acres. Of course that figure may change depending on what happens today. No residences are threatened and there are no injuries.

Approximate location of Woodsmansie Wildfire- Burlington-Ocean Counties, NJ
Obtained on 09/08/15 from 
The fire is located at the little red dot in the image that I obtained from the eastern area active fire maps on September 8, 2015, if you go to that link you will be able to click on the map to get a closer view. If you are arriving here later, you may go to the link and if you look under archives you should be able to access the above map.

In their report on the fire earlier this morning, 6ABC Philadelphia -- no longer available -- included a statement from the Ocean County Sheriff's Department speaking to the location of the fire on Monday night (September 7, 2015) "... on the Burlington County/Ocean County just north of Route 72 just west of Route 539. ..."

Two reports on the fire:
CBS3 Philly (updated at 4:30 PM on September 8th)
4NBC NYC (with video) (report on scent of smoke in Brooklyn and Queens)

As I write this the latest update (September 7th at 10 PM) from the B10 NJ Wildland Fire Page reports that in addition to Charlie 1 (Air Tractor 602) who worked the fire yesterday, a helicopter with bucket dropped on the fire. As I write this, the B10 NJ Wildland Fire Page has a couple of photos posted from the fire, just scroll down a bit (below the fire report) to see the photos.

September 7, 2015; 8:40 PM EDT

According to the latest update on the Woodmansie Wildfire (Woodland Township, Burlington County NJ) from the B10 NJ Wildland Fire Page (7:02 PM EDT) is that approximately 80 to 100 acres have burned with heavy spotting. My friends from Downstown Aero report that Charlie 1 (Air Tractor 602) made 11 drops on the fire before darkness set in.

CBS2NYC report
NJ Advance Media report (video no longer available on May 2, 2016, but the article and photos are still available)

September 7, 2015; 5:52 PM EDT 

I understand from the B10 NJ Wildland Fire Page that a Downstown Aero SEAT is working the Woodmansie Fire. No Structures are threatened at this time.

September 7, 2015; 5:05 PM EDT

This just in. Thanks to my friend at the B10 NJ Wildland Fire Page for alerting me to a wildfire currently burning in in Woodland Township NJ in Burlington County (Section B5).

According to the B10 NJ Wildland Fire Page the Woodmansie Wildfire has burned an estimated 60 to 80 acres near Clayton Sand Pit Lake near Woodmasnie. Crews from NJ Forest Fire Service Section B5 and B6 are working the fire. Two 450 dozers are working the fire and an observation helicopter is (or was) in the air. The incident command post is set up at Coyle Field.

At the time I am writing this, I don't have any media reports to link to.

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