Friday, October 23, 2015

Nat Guard Blackhawk helos working fires

In memory of my friend Matt who loved all things relating to helicopters, I am sharing these two videos of National Guard Blackhawks working fires (from 2013 and 2014). Matt passed on a little over a year ago. Ever since Matt passed I have a special affinity for helos. Matt, I know that you are flying in favorable tail winds.

The two videos show Blackhawk operations over wildfires from different vantage points. In the first video (published on August 15, 2014), posted by the California Guard, you will see Blackhawk operations from a camera on the belly of the helo. The video starts as the Blackhawk is leaving the dip site and for the next 2 minutes plus you watch the Blackhawk as she flys to the fire. Then she drops and flys back to the dip site to get more water. The five-minute video ends shortly after the second drop.

Direct link to video on Youtube

The second video is shot by Staff Sgt. Robert Harden of a Utah National Guard Blackhawk working fires in 2013 in Utah and Idaho. This video seems to shot from inside the Blackhawk with footage of the fire, and bucket drops. You will hear some radio communications from aircraft over the fire. Allow a little over six minutes for this video.

Direct link to video on Youtube

Enjoy and stay safe everyone.

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