Wednesday, October 07, 2015

Victoria, Australia - Lancefield Bushfire

We are in early fall in the northern hemisphere which means that it is early spring in the southern hemisphere. And with the advent of spring in Australia that means that their bush fire season is underway. So I spent a little time today finding and then bookmarking firefighting agencies in Australia as well as news media sites.

As fate would have it, I was on the website for the Australia Broadcasting Company (ABC), looking around to see what was going in Australia, in particular were any bushfires making the news. Well, lo and behold, I read a story on ABC about the Lancefield bushfire in Victoria, affecting six towns and burning 4,000 hectares so far. That would be the equivalent of 9,884 acres in the United States. At least 300 firefighters on the ground are working the fire aided by heavy equipment including dozers. Aircraft are helping the crews on the ground. The fire began as a prescribed burn last weekend only to jump containment lines. Two residences have been destroyed by this fire which is not yet contained. CFA Victoria does maintain specific incident information for their fires, unfortunately the link that I originally linked to when I first posted this article has expired. Depending on when you are accessing this article, you might still be able to access incident information for this bushfire (Lancefield, Rochford, Cobaw) from CFA Victoria's Emergency Warnings page.

I found a report on ABC dated October 6th with some photographs of the Lancefield bushfire here.

The County Fire Authority (CFA) in Victoria has some webpages that may of interest:

Map of incidents and warnings (bushfires) in Victoria (I assume that this map will update with current information so the map you access may have different information depending on when you access the map).

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