Friday, October 09, 2015

Victoria, Australia - Lancefield Bushfire (Oct 9th)

The other day (Oct. 8th) I wrote about the Lancefield Bushfire in Victoria Australia. The County Fire Agency (CFA) in Victoria are now reporting having burned about 3,000 hectares. In an updated warning (Oct 9th, 6:57 PM local time) for Lancefield, Rochford, and Cobaw (fire origin, Lancefield):
There is a bushfire burning and is approximately up to 3000 hectares after good work from crews. 
The fire is not yet under control. (obtained on Oct. 9, 2015 at 1:15 PM EDT from, link may be expired depending on when you are reading this).
Current warnings from CFA Victoria appear to be updated as new information is obtained by officials, a list of current warnings from the CFA Victoria may be found on the CFA Victoria warning page. I have not seen any mention of residences destroyed in the incident reports from CFA Victoria, but I may well be missing something.

According to a report from Skynews Australia (Oct 9th, 4:08 PM local time) five residences have been destroyed by the bushfire, and 22 aircraft including two large Airtankers from New South Wales have been flying the fire supporting the firefighters on the ground. Skynews also reports that about this bushfire has  burned about 3,000 hectares.

The Sydney Morning Herald had an Oct 8th report on this fire including a video.

Meanwhile, according to another report from the Sydney Morning Herald (Oct. 8) the residents in and near the Lancefield Brushfire are frustrated over this brushfire which escaped a prescribed burn last weekend.

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