Thursday, October 03, 2013

Air Attack Over a Fire

One of the things that I am interested in are the roles of aircraft known as Lead Planes and Aerial Supervision Modules (ASM) that fly over many (but not all) fires here in the U.S. And what do the various personnel in these aircraft do. For example, what does the Air Tactical Group Supervisor (airborne firefighter) do? I recently found a short (10 to 11 minute video) from the National Interagency Fire Center called Firefighting Airspace, a part of their 2012 Annual Wildland Fire Refresher training. I certainly learned a lot from this video, and I hope that you will as well. The next time I read about or hear of a fire with a Lead Plane and/or an ASM over the fire I will have a better idea of the roles of these aircraft. Enjoy.

direct link to video from the BLMNIFC on youtube

Updated July 21, 2014: I share a lot of videos on this blog, sometimes I forget that I have already shared a video and I share the video a second time. That is what happened here. I originally shared this same video on Dec. 1, 2012.

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