Saturday, October 05, 2013

Keeping your home and property safe in the wildland-urban interface (pt 1 of 2)

I am not naive enough to think that a wildland fire  won't affect be because I don't believe I live in or near the wildland-urban interface. Perhaps because of NJ's recently changing weather (wet to dry and perhaps back to wet again), I found myself thinking about what homeowners can do to keep their homes safe. To continue due diligence regarding wildfire danger no matter what the weather is or is not doing.
I struggled yesterday to find something to share on this topic when I found these two videos last night on videos for the general public found on Firewise dot org . By the way, Firewise dot org has a lot of information on their website about what homeowners and communities can do to be firewise. 
I learned a lot from these videos. For example, over the last few years I had heard that homeowners should keep a 100 foot zone around their homes clear of trees and debris to ward off wildfires. But I never where that 100 foot figure came from. Now I do. Watch these two videos and you'll find out where the 100 foot figure came from. In a couple of days, I'll share another video from the same website with more information on how to make your home itself firesafe.

At the time I posted this on 10/5/13 at about 1:30 PM, I found that the audio was muted when using the Chrome Browser on my Mac. If you should have a problem, a workaround that worked for me is moving the slide next to the speaker icon, this got the audio working for me. Safari and Firefox on my Mac did not appear to have this problem. I don't have a PC, so I can't speak to what happens to Internet Explorer or other PC browsers.

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