Friday, October 18, 2013

Air Tractor 802 Fireboss in action in Portugal

direct link to video

I am always on the lookout for interesting videos of tankers and helos in action. I don't believe that I've that many videos of the Air Tractor Fire Bosses fighting wildland fires. So when this video came to my attention recently I knew that I had to share it with out. Great footage, some of it shot from the cockpit, of two Firebosses from Portugal. Included are shots of the Fireboss' scooping water from a Lake as well as shots of drops over wildfires.

The commentary for this video (by Eder Navacerrada) is in Portuguese (about this video on youtube). I neither speak or read Portuguese, but I did find a translate utility from google which I used to get a rough translation of the about this video information:

Air Tractor 802 aircraft Fireboss for firefighting in the summer 2013In memory of bomberos who lost their lives in fighting fire. No staff on the ground, the work of air assets would be much less effective, thanks for the help

So it would seem from this translation that Eder posted the video in memory of firebomber pilots who lost their lives.

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