Thursday, October 31, 2013

Fall Fire Season in the East???

I wrote yesterday about my weather observations for the National Weather Service and recording daily rainfall totals from my rain gauge located in northwest New Jersey. I had recorded less then one-tenth of an inch rainfall from Oct. 13 through Oct. 30, and knowing that wildfire danger often picks up in the fall I got curious about the fall fire season here in the east.

I had noted some media reports of smaller wildfires in MA and NH, see for example this report about dry and windy conditions in NH reported on Oct. 30 and small wildfires in MA. At the same time there had been some concern expressed in an October 30 article that dry conditions in NJ could increase wildfire danger, go  here to read the article on Finally there was a 110 acre fire in Rockland County, NY dubbed the Mt. Eve Fire according to the RecordOnline. I also saw a  reference to the Mt. Eve Fire in todays morning briefing from the Eastern Area Coordinating Center (EACC), being the only large fire activity in the East.

However and more importantly, I have also noted that while there has been some smaller wildfires in the East and one large fire reported in todays EACC morning report (over 100 acres, the Mt. Eve Fire), it seems that the fall fire season here in the eastern U.S. has not yet materialized. Bill Gabbert of Wildfire Today offered this observation in an article he posted on October 29:

The eastern and southern fire season that follows leaf fall and the first severe frost seems to be still waiting in the wings (Bill Gabbert).

Gabbert also referred to a National Interagency Fire Center (NIFC) report on the fall fire season in the U.S. in an October 29 post on their Facebook Page:

The normal transition of fire season back to the southern and eastern U.S. in the fall associated with leaf drop also did not occur as would be expected (NIFC).

All I can say on the afternoon before we may get some needed rain in my little corner of New Jersey is that I hope that fall fire season continues to not occur as NIFC expects.

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