Monday, April 07, 2014

Devious Mount Wildfire -- NJ Pine Barrens #1

Thanks to my friends at New Jersey Forest Fire Service Section B10 for letting me know about the major wildfire -- the Devious Mounty Wildfire -- currently burning in the Wharton State Forest in the NJ Pine Barrens. If you are reading this post today, you can scroll down to where it says "Current NJ Wildfire Activity", you can read the latest update of the Devious Mount Wildfire. If you are coming to this post sometime after this wildfire is contained than you may find different information under "Current NJ Wildfire Activity," but I will have made a post reporting on the containment of that fire.

Anyway according to the report on New Jersey Forest Fire Service Section B10 , as of 8:30 AM, the Devious Mount Wildfire is currently burning in a remote section of Wharton State Forest. The fire is not currently burning near any structures or roads. Approximately 1,500 acres have burned with 30 percent containment. Yesterday (Sunday April 6), Bravo 3 (Ag-Cat under contract with the NJ Forest Fire Service) made multiple drops. There is thread about the Devious Mount Fire on the Wildland Fire Hotlist forums that may be found here, as I write this the information in that thread was from last night and I expect that the thread will be updated as the day progresses.

The smell of smoke from this fire was detected by people as far away as New York City yesterday and into this morning, see this report from NBC 4 in New York City for more information

Some of you might be interested in how weather radar can detect smoke, and smoke inversions. If so, my friends at the US National Weather Service Philadelphia/Mt. Holly had a great educational photo with a little meteorology science that they just posted this morning (April 7) on their Facebook Wall, here is a direct link to the photo (that I hope works, you don't need a Facebook account to access the photo).

I will be back later on with updates on this fire.

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