Wednesday, April 09, 2014

Devious Mount Fire (NJ) -- contained

As sometimes happens, yesterday got away with me with a few items of personal business that required my attention, so I am only now making the promised post updating the Devious Mount Fire that I wrote about here. The fire burned approximately 1,600 acres and was declared 100 percent contained late in the afternoon on Monday, April 7. As I write this, my friends at the NJ Forest Fire Service Section B10 webpage have a final report on the fire with some nice photos on their home page (just scroll down a bit). According to the NJ Forest Fire Service Section B10 webpage initial resources included:

40 firefighters
7 engines
2 tractor plows
2 Single Engine Airtankers (SEATs)
1 type 3 helicopter

A link to a map showing the location of the fire may be found here here.

The last news report from 6ABC in Philadelphia with a video may be found here. Finally, there is the Wildland Fire hotlist thread for the Devious Mount Fire.

There is enhanced fire risk this afternoon and again tomorrow afternoon here in New Jersey, so I'll be doing my best to try to follow what might be going on. I do have some reflections following up on the Devious Mount Fire that I want to write about, if not later this afternoon then in a day or so.

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