Saturday, April 25, 2015

Central New Jersey marsh fire (Keyport)

I'd like to thank my friends from B10 NJ Wildland Fire Page for making me aware of a five to seven acre marsh fire in Keyport (Monmouth County) NJ yesterday afternoon, on an afternoon when there was yet again enhanced fire danger here in New Jersey. The brush fire extended into a forested area. Some commercial building were threatened early on. The SEAT, Bravo 1 made four drops on the fire. See the write up in the Asbury Park for more information and some photos (including some nice photos of the Bravo 1 dropping on the fire). A short video of Bravo 1 dropping may found on 943thepoint. Here is another article about the Keyport fire, this one from Newsworks.

Thanks to all the NJ Forest Fire Service Firefighters and Firefighters from Keyport for working the fire. Thanks for keeping us safe.

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