Monday, April 13, 2015

NJ Forest Fire Service online scanners and a tanker video

I've spent an hour or so this morning and again as I write this listening to the online scanner feed from NJ Forest Fire Service Division A. This is always educational. For example, I heard some reports this morning from the guys in the fire towers in Division A and another report saying a fire (missed the location) was under control. There is online scanner feed for NJ Forest Fire Service Division B and Division C. I can pick up some of the feed from Division B on the Division A scanner. For example, I just heard a report from the firetower in Jamesburg (Middlesex County NJ) reporting on a structure fire in South Amboy (Middlesex County NJ).

Before going, I'd like to share a short tanker video. As I've been writing this blog for six years now, I believe that I have shared this video before. But I liked it, enjoying seeing a variety of tankers and some helos including some now historic videos of Aero Union's P-3 Orions. I never tire of watching tankers and helos in action.

direct link to video

For all my friends working fires on the ground or in the air as well as all those who support you, stay safe out there. And thanks for all you do to keep us safe.

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