Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Red Flag Warning - notes from listening to NJFFS online scanners

On this day of Red Flag Warnings in central and northern NJ, I've been listening to the online scanner from NJ Forest Fire Service Division A on and off all afternoon. I have noted during both of my listening sessions and I'm listening as I write this, that there is what seems to be some wildfire activity in northern New Jersey. Some of the fires have been quite small, for example I heard a report a short time ago that a 1/4 acre was contained.

While I have heard discussions involving smokes observed from fire towers as well as deploying trucks to the scene in both of my listening sessions, I am not in a position to be able to say more than what I am saying here. I continue to learn, and there is nothing like listening to scanner feed of wildland firefighting to learn. And I think that is one point that I am making with this article. That and saying that on this Red Flag Warning day it does seem to be busy as I write this.

In the meantime, I found reports of a small fire on April 14th in Holland Towship, Hunterdon County NJ and another fire the same day in Weymouth NJ (27 acres) in Atlantic County, NJ. And these are just two of what may well have been more brush fires that I don't know about.

Meanwhile, in Berks County, Pennsylvannia SEATs responded to a brush fire near homes on April 13th, see this article from wearecentralpa for more information.

Stay safe everyone!

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