Wednesday, April 22, 2015

2015 spring wildfire season elsewhere in Mid-Atlantic and New England

Yes, I have been focusing recently on the spring wildfire season here in New Jersey, I am always cognizant that it is also the spring wildfire season elsewhere in the Mid-Atlantic and in New England (USA). I am always appreciative of the work of Mike Archer who sends out his Wildfire News of the Day (WNOTD) six days a week via e-mail (see note at bottom) I found some of the links through Mike’s WNOTD. I’d also like to thank my friends at Pete's NJ Wildland Fire Page: Section B10 who link to some news stories highlight wildland firefighting and related issues (about two-thirds of the way down the home page. I found some news reports on Pete's NJ Wildland Fire Page: Section B10. The reports of the wildfires that I link to here are likely just a very small sample of wildfires that burned over the weekend.

In Pennsylvania:
A 400-acre wildfire on Blue Mountain in Carbon and Lehigh Counties, fortunately beneficial rains helped firefighters contain the fire on Monday
Wildfires burned in Lebanon County PA

New York
A wildfire in Erwin, NY (Steuben County)

Three-acre brush fire in Ludlow, MA (western MA)

15-acre wildfire in New Hartford CT (Litchfield County)

Stay safe everyone. My thanks to all the wildland firefighters who are keeping us safe.

I am sad to say that the last edition of Mike Archer's Wildfire News of the Day (WNOTD) is Friday, October 30 2015. I have left the citation in this article because of the important role his newsletter played in helping me to easily find articles about the spring 2015 wildfire season in the eastern USA. I will miss his six-day a week newsletter.

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