Wednesday, April 01, 2015

Just in - Large (Marsh) Brush Fire in Edison NJ

I was alerted to a large brush fire that is currently burning in a march in Edison (Middlesex County), NJ near an industrial complex when I was just on Pete's NJ Wildland Fire Page: Section B10; as I write this, you will find information about this fire about half-way down their home page under current NJ wildfire activity.

As I write this, according to Pete's NJ Wildland Fire Page: Section B10, crews from Division A (northern New Jersey) as well as fire departments from nearby towns are working this marsh fire reported at 75 acres at 4:43 PM EDT. One derelict building is involved. Helicopter Delta 6 and her bucket are currently working the fire. In addition, there is an observation helicopter, Delta 3 that flew the fire. Press reports on this fire may be found at New Jersey dot com (with a slide show) and Eyewitness News 7 (ABC) in NYC.

7:15 PM EDT update

CBS New York is reporting that firefighters have made progress in fighting the fire.

direct link to video and article from CBS New York

April 2, 3 PM update

Pete's NJ Wildland Fire Page: Section B10 is reporting that approximately 130 acres were burned and the fire, known as the Olympia Drive Fire, is 100% contained. The cause of the fire was determined to be from sparks from a passing train. Two storage trailers and a road grader were destroyed.

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