Wednesday, April 08, 2015

NJ Forest Fire Service - Northern NJ (Div A) on April 6

After I posted my April 6th article on enhanced fire danger in New Jersey, I found out that the New Jersey Forest Fire Service Conducted a few prescribed burns in northern New Jersey (Division A) on April 6th (obtained from New Jersey Forests Facebook page):

Ringwood State Park, 33 acres grass
Waywayanda State Park, 150 acres grass
Kittatinny Valley State, 50 acres grass
Whittingham WMA, 200 acres grass
Six Mile Run State Park, 300 acres grass

Just yesterday I heard that there was a 21 acre brush fire in Hunterdon County NJ that came close to at least one home in Tewksbury on April 6th. Recall that there was enhanced fire danger on April 6th. Firefighters from Tewksbury and nearby towns along with firefighters from the New Jersey Forest Fire Service battled the blaze. According to a April 7th Hunterdon Democrat article (with photos)  the fire was started when a homeowner accidently dropped a blow torch that ignited some leaves. Two firefighters were injured. 

There have been showers in New Jersey yesterday afternoon and today. 

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