Thursday, April 02, 2015

Prescribed Burns in NJ (New Jersey Forest Fire Service) - Images

Since I have been posting recently on prescribed burns that the New Jersey Forest Fire Service have been conducting in central and southern New Jersey over the last couple of weeks, I want to embed a couple of videos that came to my attention recently. I thank my friends at the NJFFS Section B10 webpage for bringing both of these videos to my attention.

I'm not quite sure when the first video from the Asbury Park Press was shot, but I believe that the footage was shot recently. In this short video from the Asbury Park Press, you will get a good idea of what prescribed burns in New Jersey are all about. Edit on May 19, 2015. I had originally embedded the video here which was set to play automatically when this page was loaded into your browser. As having a video play automatically might interfere with your experience on this blog (and I was unable to change the embed code) I have removed the embed code. The direct link to video still works. It is a nice short video, under two minutes, please take the time to watch the video.

The second video is a little over seven minutes of footage of a prescribed burn conducted by the New Jersey Forest Fire Service Section B10 in Old Bridge NJ on March 30.

direct link to video by William Rashak on YouTube

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