Friday, January 06, 2017

A little about GOES-R/16 & LA County Air Operations (2016)

I continue doing some background reading on research on GOES satellites including GOES-R/16 which is in geostationary orbit and is undergoing operational testing. NOAA's satellite and information service has a GOES-R blog is updated as warranted to keep us apprised of what GOES-R/16 is doing. For example, according to their January 5th post, scientists received the first data from the magnetometer on GOES-R/16. Here is an excerpt from the GOES-R Blog's January 5th post describing the magnetometer on GOES-R/16 and the Earth's geomagnetic field
The GOES-16 MAG samples five times faster than previous GOES magnetometers, which increases the range of space weather phenomena that can be measured. . . . Earth’s geomagnetic field acts as a shield, protecting us from hazardous incoming solar radiation.  Geomagnetic storms, caused by eruptions on the surface of the sun, can interfere with communications and navigation systems, cause damage to satellites, cause health risks to astronauts, and threaten power utilities. When a solar flare occurs, GOES-16 will tell space weather forecasters where it happened on the sun and how strong it was. Using that information, forecasters can determine if the explosion of energy is coming toward Earth or not.
In the meantime, while I am doing my research and reading on GOES this week, I have been dealing with a lingering sinus infection so don't have quite as much energy as I usually do. I do hope to write something telling you a little more about the research and reading on GOES that I have been doing. However, I am not quite ready to that yet.

In the meantime, here is a video for you to enjoy from the LA County Fire Department highlighting LA County Air Operations in 2016. Thanks to my friends at the B10 NJ Wildland Fire Page who shared this video last week on their videos of the week page. Absolutely incredible photography from some great photographers. Enjoy!

Matt this video is for you, may you continue to fly in favorable tail winds with the helos.

Direct link to video from LA County Fire Department

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