Monday, January 23, 2017

Large and small air tankers flying fires in New South Wales, Australia

A distant relative of mine lives in New South Wales, Australia. Knowing of my blog and my interest in aerial wildland firefighting she sent me a news report from the ABC, an Australian media outlet, about a bush fire that burned a little over 3,000 hectares last week. The bush fire was not all that far from where she and her family live. She told me that the bush fire was under control on Thursday night (January 19th). I have read elsewhere about some bush fires that burned last week near where my relative lives in New South Wales. I provided some links for one of these bush fires, the Currandooley Fire, at the end of this post. I am not quite sure if the Currandooley fire is the fire that she told me about.

I enjoyed reading about the air tankers and helicopters that were used to help the firefighters on the ground fight the bush fire. The 10 Air Tanker's DC-10 "Southern Belle" and Coulson's C-130Q "Thor" are currently in New South Wales based at Richmond (see this article from Wildfire Today for more information), both flew the fire. The report my relative told me about is dated Friday, January 20th. It is about the people behind the helicopters and planes fighting the Tarago and Sutton fires and as chance would have it was also mentioned in Mike Archer's Wildfire News of the Day on January 20th.

Wildfire Today (1/17/17) report on Currandooley fire
Currandooley fire contained

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